Untitled and No Comment!


It is really hard to understand what human right is?

Maybe we should define the “human” once again, before we talk about “its rights”

In order to have a right “should human be western, supported by western or non-Muslim?”

How are we going to define human right without accepting all the humans are equal regardless of their religion, ethnicity, location, sex, color, etc?

In order to show a reaction to tyranny, should the outraged people live in an oil-rich or in a western country?

If you say “yes”, you don’t need to read the rest of the article.

Does anybody know how many people were killed in Syria? More than one hundred thousand..

How many injured? Maybe millions..

What about the number of people who had to leave their homes? Only four hundred thousand are living inside Turkey’s borders. If you include the other countries such as Lebannon and Iraq, it will sum up more than millions..

Did you read the news about the chemical weapons used against the public in Syria? How did you react?

Was it an ordinary news for you? Did you feel pain in your heart? Or did you spend more time about reading and talking about sports?

What about the news that Mobarek will be freed in Egypt while democratically elected Morsi is in the jail?

How can you define a democracy provided by a coup?

What does Adeviyye Square mean for you? Is it sister to Taksim Square or Times Square?

What is United Nations? Who is managing it? Ban Ki Moon? Who is he? Did he succeed anything in Tunusia, in Libya, in Somali, in Palestine to unite the people, to end the wars, to end the tears of innocent people since he became the General Secretary?

What about the Organization of Islamic Cooperation? Or Arab League? Any loud objection to the western countries’ attitudes about Middle Eastern politics. No way!

I will not make any comments on about what I have written above.

I will listen to my heart, keep thinking the definition of “human” and decide if I am a human or not?

Please you also “do think”..


Levent Sumer, August 22, 2013 – Istanbul

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