SMR Strategy

SMR STRATEGY is a strategic investment and management consultancy company which is established to provide sustainable growth for organizations, increase the operational efficiency and profitability of the companies, offer consulting services to investors both in local and global markets, enable companies grow internationally and structure strategic partnerships.

​Investment Management, Change Management, Project Management and Strategic Management are our core competencies among many services we provide, and we have expertise in many industries including Real Estate, Construction, Energy and Finance.

We help companies discover their potentials and get prepared for the future. Investing in the future and managing the future are the main pillars of our mission. Providing sustainable success by transforming companies through changing the angels, structing a strong system, emphasizing collective intelligence and shaping the corporate culture. Thats our mission.

SMR STRATEGY provides a comprehensive real estate investment consultancy services to global and local investors both in Turkey and global markets including investment and feasibility analysis, market research, marketing and sales services, real estate development, management and exit strategies.

​Alternative to debt financing and PPP, suggesting interest free asset based project financing models for infrastructure and healtcare projects, providing global business development strategies to contractors, preparing progress reports for investment projects, constructing new investment ecoystems for pension and sovereign wealth funds, conducting technical, legal and financial due dilligence analysis for banks, investors and financial institutions, transforming the businesses by using the latest digital technologies are some of the important services that SMR Strategy provides.

You can reach us at and follow us @SmrStrategy on Twitter

February 2019, Istanbul

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